The outdoorchanneloutfitters.com was created by a group of outdoor enthusiasts. We have many years of experience of camping and fishing. When we were just starting out camping, we didn’t have much information and weren’t that prepared. So we decided to create this Outdoor Channel Outfitters blog to help anyone who is also new to the outdoor adventures with useful tips and advice.

If you are preparing for your first fishing trip or would just like to know more, you will find articles on our site that are useful and can be informative for both beginners and long time enthusiasts. You can read articles on anything from fishing techniques to best places to fish for certain game.

For campers we also write tips that will make your experience in the outdoors more enjoyable and fun.

The outdoor adventures also require certain gear. Some of it is essential and a must have for the trip, while other can be additional gear for making your time camping or fishing more comfortable. So if you are not sure what to take with you for camping or what you need for fishing, you will find all the information on our pages. We offer checklists and recommendations of different types of gear for both fishing and camping. We review individual outdoor gear products, helping you to find the right one.

We love sharing our experience and our love for the outdoors and hope that anyone who has come to Outdoor Channel Outfitters will find the information useful and helpful.  

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