Battery Operated Blenders – The Perfect Solution for Healthy Meals While Camping

Many of us have gotten used to having a blender in the kitchen and it has become one of the most essential tools there. The blenders today keep developing and giving us new options. We are given more blending options and evolving functions. From the many options we can also choose either a basic blender, a blender food processor combo or even a battery operated blender. If you are an avid traveler and camper, then a portable battery operated blender can be very handy. With such a blender you can enjoy a nice smoothie or a strawberry daiquiri or some other blend right in the outdoors. This blender you can take anywhere with you, be it camping, tailgating or picnicking.

coleman-battery-poweredAmong the best battery operated blenders, stands out the Coleman rechargeable portable blender. This unit was designed specifically to fit the needs of campers, mariners, tailgaters and of those who use it at home. It’s lightweight and incorporates a durable and powerful motor. It’s convenient for camping, as it offers many functions for preparing a variety of blenders and its lightweight makes for convenient portability.Full charge takes about 24 hours and this will give enough power to make about 20-30 pitchers of blends. The full pitcher is 48 ounces and you can measure your mixture using the measurement markings on the container.

Another popular battery operated blender is Margaritaville DM-900 Frozen Concoction Maker. It also operates without any battery-operated-blendercord. You just charge the 18-volt Ni-Cd battery pack and then you can use the charge to blend up to 80 drinks. It’s the perfect choice for those who love frozen drinks. It shaves ice and prepares your favorite drink. You can also create your perfect consistency for your taste by switching the shave only or the blend only controls. The 36 ounces container can prepare up to three drinks in one blend. The pre-programmed settings of the blender also include options for you to choose to prepare either one, two or three drinks in one cycle. You can read more about battery powered blenders on Blender Judge.

Battery powered blenders are obviously not something that you could include into your backpacking gear. But if you are car camping, it can be a great addition to your cooking gear. They are great and extremely convenient for making various blended drinks, but also can be a big help in preparing different foods. Their functions allow more versatility in cooking camping dinners and lunches.If you follow a healthy diet, then a battery powered blender can become a useful tool that would help you stick to it even when away from the city utilities. You can fully charge it and operate the unit on batteries your whole camping trip. With the unit at hand, you can always prepare any healthy smoothie or shake in just a matter of seconds and then enjoy it as you sit with your family around the fire.

The models we have mentioned are the most popular models of this kind of blenders and which are perfectly suitable for taking camping or other outdoor activities. With a battery powered blender you get the convenience of preparing your favorite meals and drinks anywhere you go. They are compact, so you easily through it in the car with your other camping gear and essentials. This type of blenders is also quite affordable, but this doesn’t mean that they are less durable and not as powerful. Coleman and Margaritaville, especially, are designed for heavy use and offer good durability. You can check more blender reviews on

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