Entertainment During Camping

Entertainment During CampingCamping is a lot of fun, no doubt. However, the trips in nature, setting up the camp, and enjoying the silence can become pretty boring after some time. Usually, people that spend more time in the great outdoors, carry some of their favorite outdoor activities that can be practiced during their stay. Some love meditating, some love cooking in the open using nature as their kitchen, and some like other things.

When you’re in nature there are basically no limitations on what you can and cannot do. The world is your playground. Up in the mountains and forests, you can’t find people for miles and you have nothing to worry about. If you have no inspiration, here are some ideas about what to do during your camping in nature.


Since there is a lot of land without anyone in it to get hurt, you can practice your archery skills on distant targets. Bow and arrow, shooting with a gun or a rifle, you name it. Place the target on a nearby tree that you think has enough distance and enjoy the silence while concentrating on your target. Just make sure that there are no wild animals in the middle or behind your target. We wouldn’t like to get them hurt, right?

Golf nets

Golf netsGolf nets are very easy to store and almost take no space in your backpack. They are also incredibly easy to install and will give you hours of fun if golfing is what you love. Practicing your swing is a good way to spend quality time while camping, but you simply can’t have a hundred golf balls with you, right? Even if you can, you can’t just swing away and look for them in the distance.

That’s why golf nets are the solution and one of the perfect ways to entertain yourself while camping. You swing the ball and it still stays right next to you. Golf nets are the number one pal for golf lovers that also love to go on outdoor adventures.


If you’re not traveling solo, one of the best games for entertaining yourselves is Frisbee. With all the free space around you, you can fly the frisbee without the danger of hurting someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or love to play a real game with rules and everything, or just a friendly throw and catch. Frisbee is a fun way to spend time and get some physical exercise too.


Did you ever throw a boomerang in your life? It’s fun, isn’t it? The boomerang is a traditional weapon of Australian Aborigines. Today it’s a toy. No matter how you like to threat the boomerang, the fact is it needs a lot of open space to be practiced. If you do it in a park, chances are great someone will get hurt. In the wild, no one except a tree or a bush will get hurt.


Flying a kite is a joyful experience. Yes, it may require a little too much space, but if you have the chance, flying a kite in nature can be a time well spent. Kites require wind and in nature, winds are a more normal occurrence than in cities. You don’t have to wait for special conditions, you can do it almost any time of the day.

Watching The Stars

Watching The StarsLight pollution in the cities is a serious problem. When it comes to watching the stars, it’s nearly impossible to do it while you’re in an urban area. Camping in the great outdoors will give you the chance to watch the stars and see all the famous constellations. You don’t need any equipment, but if you have the chance for carrying something with you, then this is the perfect time to mount all the parts on your telescope and enjoy hours and hours of watching the sky and everything visible in it.

Social gaming

Camping with a friend or more people is perfect for playing social games. Chess, cards, or other friendly games that you all love. Just imagine the picture – the campfire is quietly preparing your tacos, you listen to the song of wild birds in the distance and have nothing around to break your concentration while you’re thinking of your next chess move.

It’s even better with cards. More people can play cards. Sometimes there are guys that can’t stand losing and turn the game into a verbal fight with everyone playing. Don’t worry about it, there’s no one but you and the birds listening to this joyful arguing that is more of a game than anything serious.

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The Outdoor Channel – Everything From Camping to Hunting and Fishing

Spending time in the outdoors is not just a fun pastime, it’s also a great way to see the beautiful nature and tone up in the process. Whether you like camping, hiking, fishing or hunting, all are great ways to get out into the outdoors. It gives you a good chance for connection to the earth. Our outdoor channel blog was created as a guide for people who love to hunt, fish and camp. If you are looking for some tips or reviews of gear for these activities, you will find many useful guides on our pages. Being prepared with essential information, you can enhance your outdoor experience.


One of the best ways to spend time surrounded by nature is camping. While camping, you can also do hiking, fishing, kayaking, backpacking and so much more. If you have never camped before, you might think that it’s too uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be so. There’re many campgrounds and campsites in the national parks, where you can experience the outdoor life the more “civilized way”. This way you can start slow and gradually test your comfort zone. After some time you might be ready for real camping in the backcountry. These campgrounds can offer tents, water and different other amenities. If you are camping with kids, some camps might also have group activities and classes to keep entertained.


For camping in the backcountry, further in the wilderness, there are also a lot of equipment that can make your adventure more comfortable, fun and most importantly safe. Among the camping gear, there are the essential items and optional items that you might or might not need according to your preference and comfort needs. We are constantly reviewing new gear, like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and much more.

To make sure that your camping trip goes smoothly with only enjoyable moments, you might want to be prepared with some useful information. First of all, it’s very important for your safety. In the wilderness you should follow certain safety rules, especially in places with wild animals, and you should be prepared to handle emergency situations.

Camping is exceptional experience and also a great chance to bond with your family and friends. Sitting around the campfire and watching the starlit sky at night are unforgettable memories, especially if you share them with special people.


One of the favored hobbies of the outdoor enthusiast is fishing. It can be saltwater, freshwater or ice fishing. For those who practice this sport we have prepared plenty of fishing tips and advice on the techniques and more. So even if you are just starting out in this sport, with us you can learn how to fish with tips on how to tie the knots, and do a proper catch and release.


Just like camping, fishing is a great activity for a person of any age. Anyone can learn to fish. All it takes is just some time and practice. However, before fishing you should check your state fishing regulations, as you might need to purchase first a fishing license.

While finishing is not a dangerous sport, it’s still very important to be prepared with safety precautions for your time on the water. For example, the boat should have one life jacket for each of the passengers. Before setting out into the waters, you should know the area and the depth and current strength. It’s best that you have another person with you in case something goes wrong. Come equipped with proper clothing to protect you from the sun or bad weather. The fishing equipment should also be handled responsibly.

There are many fantastic places in the United States where you can find the perfect locations for fishing. Depending on the area, you can also fish for different species.

Outdoor Gear

For your activities in the outdoors you need to be equipped with appropriate gear. Having all the essentials you will be able to get the most out of your nature experience.

For camping you need certain outdoor gear that will make your stay surrounded by nature both safe and comfortable. There’s equipment that is must have for any camping trip, such as a tent, sleeping bag and other.

For fishing you need a fishing rod as well as other gear required for any fishing practice.

In our category of outdoor gear you can find reviews and tips on how to choose and find the right equipment. From tents, backpacks and many other equipment that you might find useful for your outdoor experience.

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Portable Water Softener For RV Campers

Portable Water Softener For RV CampersIf you are an RV owner, then you probably do a lot of traveling throughout different states, regions, or maybe even countries while enjoying the main benefits provided by camping and seeing new places. However, one common problem for most of the RV travellers is water. As you change your place of stay so often, you never know what the quality of the water source at the campsite will be. From my own experience, I can say that in most of the campsites I stayed at, the water was hard. We all know that it’s a common problem in many households across the country and many people have a water softener at home as a solution to the problem. But what if you are always on the road? You can also get treatment for hard water with the help of a portable water softener.

What makes the water hard? The presence in it of calcium and magnesium in high amounts. Hard water can be quite destructive for the RV’s plumbing system and water heater, building up scale and rust. It also leaves film in the shower, faucets and sinks, so you will end up doing a lot of scrubbing if you don’t get treatment to soften the water. Hard water can also affect you, making your skin and hair dry.

If you are an avid camper, a great addition to your camping equipment can be a portable water softener. They are usually available in compact sizes, so you can easily fit it in even the tightest place in your RV. Compared to whole house water softeners, they offer less capacity. For most of the softening systems you don’t even need electricity, you just directly connect it to the water supply.

Some of the water softening models also have water filtering capabilities. Read more on water filter mag. So you will have the benefits of not only soft, but also clean water for drinking. For their work you will need salt. Some require special water softener salt, but some you can run just on traditional table salt.

The model we are using is Watts portable water softener. What we like about it is its compact size. It did take up some space, but still in our RV it fit perfectly. Its other benefit is the use of standard salt, so we don’t have huge bags of salt stored specifically for the water softening. But most importantly, what we like most about this water softener, is its effectiveness and the result we get with the water. After installing it, we saw considerable change in the water. After washing dishes, I don’t see anymore any film building up on the dishes or sink. My skin doesn’t feel dry anymore and the soap lathers better and it’s easier to wash it off. You can have more information at soft water lab.

Water is very important for our lives, so it’s also important that the water we consume and use is of good quality. Otherwise, it can do us more harm than good. But when you are spending a lot of time on the road, it might seem difficult. However, with portable water softeners it’s made very easy to have soft healthy water anywhere you are. When you are staying at a campsite, and using the water from the campsite source for showering, washing dishes and other, you will always have softened water.

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Gearing Up With the Essentials For Camping

If you are new to camping, there are some things that you need to familiarize yourself with. To make your camping trip safe and enjoyable, you should learn more about the gear that you will need. You can go with a seasoned camper and learn everything from him. But if that isn’t your option, then below you can find some useful tips.


What is the most important gear? First of all, you will need shelter and other gear for comfortable sleep, such as sleeping bags and pads. Other essentials include water, food, cooking utensils and safety gear, such as first-aid-kit, mosquito repellent and other. If you are backpacking, you will need a backpack. For car campers, there’s more possibility of taking a bigger load of gear that could provide more comfort during your camping. For example, you can take a bigger tent with an air mattress for more comfortable nights, a cooler for keeping the food, table and chairs, lantern and other equipment that would not be suitable for a backpacker.

Choosing a tent, make sure that you pick an appropriate one for the type of camping you will be doing. If it’s car camping, then you can choose of the size you want. For a backpacker, the weight of the tent would be one of the most important factors when choosing. Think of how many people you need to accommodate in one tent and find one that will have the appropriate size. The other factor to consider is the weather. Tents are designed for different seasons. So you can find a lightweight summer tent or a 4 season more protected tent that you can use in winter and for mountaineering. The tent protects you against bad weather and unfriendly outdoor pests.

To keep you comfortable during the night in the outdoors, you will also need some type of bedding. Again, depending on the type of camping, the bedding can also differ. Going to your campsite by car, you have more options to make the sleep more comfortable. For instance, while camping you will need something to cushion you from the hard ground and going by car you can take an air mattress, but backpacking you can only take a sleeping pad. However, there are many sleeping pads that will also provide sufficient cushioning and insulation. Some of the good options among sleeping pads are the inflatable models. Whenever you are setting up your bedding, you can have it ready in seconds.

It’s also important to include in your camping gear a good sleeping bag. It should be warm enough for the weather you’ll be camping out in. If backpacking, just like with the rest of the gear, look for the sleeping bag the weight of which you would feel comfortable carrying.

Next thing on the list should be a pack to carry all your gear. For a backpacker, the lighter the bag the better. It should also be roomy enough to fit all your essentials. So depending on if it’s just a weekend trip or a week trip, you might need a bigger or smaller pack. Choosing the bag, check its features. Make sure that is has a quality built design that’s made of durable materials to withstand heavy use.

Additionally, to the four items mentioned above, you will need food and water, as well some utensils to cook in. Also, bring appropriate clothing, a GPS to keep you on the track, chairs and table, portable toilet, fire starter, and other gear that you think is necessary.

Preparing your gear for camping trip, make a checklist. This way you will make sure that no items are forgotten. You can make the list once and use it later every time you go camping.

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