Swimming is the Best Family Activity

Swimming is the Best Family ActivityOceans, seas, rivers, and lakes have been an integral part of literature and arts. Civilizations since the dawn of history have been showing their love of the sea and water: countless myths about sea gods and goddesses, sailors’ fantasies seeing mermaids, adventurers’ stories about crimson coral, and wondrous pearls. This unique relationship to water explains why the majority of people adore swimming. Just as mothers hug their babies to express love and passion, people jump into the water with joy and happiness to announce their love of water. Everything belongs to swimming is ceremonial and vivid: colorful pool floats and goggles, flashy swimsuits, soft towels, light flip-flops, and beach umbrellas with joyful colors are just a few examples. Nothing can bring families and friends together better than swimming. It is the best liberating and relaxing family activity by no means.

Health benefits of swimming

No wonder that families are remarkably fond of swimming since it suits every single one in the family. From small kids to grandparents, swimming helps everyone keep healthy and in shape. This activity allows many patients to get better as well. Even those who don’t know how to swim, using armbands or inflatable rings lets them obtain the same beneficial results. Let alone the health benefits of water sports, mere walking in water is highly recommended by physicians. Based on the fact that swimming engages all body parts and muscles, this activity is the best to help your family keep fit. Nothing better than swimming in terms of burning calories. Swimming increases the capacity of the lungs and helps you better control your breath. Luckily, people can get all the above-mentioned benefits sweat-free.

Social benefits of swimming

Your little ones, youngsters and everybody else in your family will definitely learn a lot from the activity of swimming. Enhancing the feeling of responsibility and commitment is one of the most notable social benefits of swimming. Brothers and sisters will learn how to protect and help each other, forgetting all fights and arguments off the pool. Moreover, swimming helps people feel more self-confident and self-disciplined at an early age, which in turns improves teamwork skills. It is one of the few sports that encourage you to set goals and insist on meeting them in an enjoyable and cheerful way.

Emotional and mental wellbeing

Besides the countless physical benefits, the brain functions better when people go swimming. The splash, jump, joy and laugh all put our brains at ease and comfort our souls. Swimming improves cognitive skills and fosters the growth of neuro-cells; hence, it reduces anxiety and stress feelings. The emotional positive impact of swimming represents itself in the boost of mood people feel during swimming, and in the improvement in sleep afterwards. One more time, swimming proves itself to be the best activity for families.

How to make swimming a new style of living?

How much money do you pay for a gym membership for yourself and for your family? How many times you struggle to catch up with public pools schedules and leizure centres time tables? Don’t you have enough commuting from and to work every day, and you feel fed up accompany your kids to and from sport centers? I think we all have been there and I believe it is worth installing our own swimming pool. When I think of all the benefits of swimming, I start to think of making this activity the new trend of my life. If you don’t have a pool, you can consider to have one of the Above Ground Pools. In contrast to what you may think, there are a couple of reason why you should buy one of those above ground pools.

  1. The affordability: the cost is minimal comparing to building up a regular swimming pool. It is between 60% to 80% cheaper than the normal in-ground pools.
  2. Wide range models, sizes and layouts: based on the available space you have, you can choose from numerous option offered by many dealers. You can also choose the appropriate design for your house. Unlike in-ground pools, slopes up or down doesn’t make it difficult to install the pool since its walls are adjustable.
  3. A lot of DIY options available in the market: if you are looking for a better budget option, you can go for DIY above ground pools.
  4. Easy and fast to install: in most cases, above ground pools can be installed in one day only.
  5. Easy and simple maintenance: the pool kits and equipment are easy to reach and repaired as they are above the ground.
  6. Easy to move: with this type of pools, you don’t need to worry about the money you spent on the pool when you move to another house; it can simply move with you, too.

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Baseball Is Becoming More Popular In The States

Baseball in one of the three most popular sports in the United States. If we look at the history of sports in the States, we can easily conclude that baseball is the most popular sport in the history of the country – ever.

Baseball Is Becoming More Popular In The States

Baseball’s fame rise in the early 20th century and dominates for decades. Even though its popularity drops at the end of the century and is overshadowed by the American Football and the Basketball, baseball never ranked lower than third among the Americans. Now, at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, the popularity of baseball is rising again and is about to reach its peak again.

One of the reasons why baseball’s popularity is going back is the rise of popularity of softball as a variant of the sport. Actually, a lot of people don’t know that softball was invented a long time ago. Softball was first played in 1887 in Chicago. It was invented as an indoor sport but later evolved into something we know today. Softball is played with a slightly bigger ball and on a smaller field.

Usually, kids start practicing softball because it’s easier for playing, but as they grow up, their interest in the sport rises and they want to play the traditional baseball. Everyone knows that you can’t have excellent professional athletes if you have no youth loving the sport. That’s why softball is very important for baseball even though softball exists as a serious professional sport of its own.

If you want your children to love baseball it’s important to let them play softball at their youngest age. This will prepare them for the more serious challenge later. So let’s see what you need for playing softball.

Basic Equipment For Softball

Basic Equipment For SoftballDepending on the position the player is at, the equipment varies. Some players might never wear some of the equipment. However, softball equipment is almost the same as the one in baseball players with a slight difference in the type of balls and bats. As we mentioned, the ball in softball is bigger, also the bats are more adjusted to this type of play. The rest of the equipment consists of helmets, uniforms, gloves and chest protector for the catcher.

Types of Softball

Another important part why baseball is very popular is the variety of version of the sport. Even softball its own has more versions. The most popular one is called slow-pitch softball, then there is a fast-pitch softball and modified softball. They all differ one to the others by only a little, but they have their own rules that you must know before you enter the field.

For example, in modified softball, the popular windmill swing is not allowed. The fast-pitch softball is popular exactly for this. Slow-pitch softball is played with ten players infield while the fast-pitch with only nine. Another difference is the type of balls used and the bats for the batters. The ball can be a different size depending on the age of the players too. The material and the weight of the bats also.

Fastpitch Softball Bats Vs Slowpitch Softball Bats

Fastpitch Softball Bats Vs Slowpitch Softball BatsPicking up a softball bat is very important. The first thing you must know is that there is a different bat for every age, player weight, and type of game. When it comes to age, it’s normal to get a smaller bet for the younger categories of players. However, if the player is aged 10 but has a muscular body and is already as strong as a 12-year old, then he or she can get a bigger bat.

When it comes to the type of game, choosing the right bat is also important. Fastpitch and softpitch softball use different rules when it comes to pitching. That’s why the batter needs a different bat for a different kind of pitch. Good quality fastpitch softball bats are usually lighter than those used in slowpitch. This is so because of the speed of the ball pitched in the two versions. Pitchers in fastpitch throw the ball faster and the batter needs a bat that will be lightweight enough to react. In softpitch, the batter has more time to prepare, so the bat can be heavier and cause more impact. In professional baseball, where players are adults, the bats are heavier while their length is just like in softball.


As you can see, the popularity of baseball is not just marketing and professional games. The love for baseball is implemented in American kids from the youngest age. This, however, is a result from playing softball and getting one step at a time toward the professional baseball.

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