Entertainment During Camping

Entertainment During CampingCamping is a lot of fun, no doubt. However, the trips in nature, setting up the camp, and enjoying the silence can become pretty boring after some time. Usually, people that spend more time in the great outdoors, carry some of their favorite outdoor activities that can be practiced during their stay. Some love meditating, some love cooking in the open using nature as their kitchen, and some like other things.

When you’re in nature there are basically no limitations on what you can and cannot do. The world is your playground. Up in the mountains and forests, you can’t find people for miles and you have nothing to worry about. If you have no inspiration, here are some ideas about what to do during your camping in nature.


Since there is a lot of land without anyone in it to get hurt, you can practice your archery skills on distant targets. Bow and arrow, shooting with a gun or a rifle, you name it. Place the target on a nearby tree that you think has enough distance and enjoy the silence while concentrating on your target. Just make sure that there are no wild animals in the middle or behind your target. We wouldn’t like to get them hurt, right?

Golf nets

Golf netsGolf nets are very easy to store and almost take no space in your backpack. They are also incredibly easy to install and will give you hours of fun if golfing is what you love. Practicing your swing is a good way to spend quality time while camping, but you simply can’t have a hundred golf balls with you, right? Even if you can, you can’t just swing away and look for them in the distance.

That’s why golf nets are the solution and one of the perfect ways to entertain yourself while camping. You swing the ball and it still stays right next to you. Golf nets are the number one pal for golf lovers that also love to go on outdoor adventures.


If you’re not traveling solo, one of the best games for entertaining yourselves is Frisbee. With all the free space around you, you can fly the frisbee without the danger of hurting someone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or love to play a real game with rules and everything, or just a friendly throw and catch. Frisbee is a fun way to spend time and get some physical exercise too.


Did you ever throw a boomerang in your life? It’s fun, isn’t it? The boomerang is a traditional weapon of Australian Aborigines. Today it’s a toy. No matter how you like to threat the boomerang, the fact is it needs a lot of open space to be practiced. If you do it in a park, chances are great someone will get hurt. In the wild, no one except a tree or a bush will get hurt.


Flying a kite is a joyful experience. Yes, it may require a little too much space, but if you have the chance, flying a kite in nature can be a time well spent. Kites require wind and in nature, winds are a more normal occurrence than in cities. You don’t have to wait for special conditions, you can do it almost any time of the day.

Watching The Stars

Watching The StarsLight pollution in the cities is a serious problem. When it comes to watching the stars, it’s nearly impossible to do it while you’re in an urban area. Camping in the great outdoors will give you the chance to watch the stars and see all the famous constellations. You don’t need any equipment, but if you have the chance for carrying something with you, then this is the perfect time to mount all the parts on your telescope and enjoy hours and hours of watching the sky and everything visible in it.

Social gaming

Camping with a friend or more people is perfect for playing social games. Chess, cards, or other friendly games that you all love. Just imagine the picture – the campfire is quietly preparing your tacos, you listen to the song of wild birds in the distance and have nothing around to break your concentration while you’re thinking of your next chess move.

It’s even better with cards. More people can play cards. Sometimes there are guys that can’t stand losing and turn the game into a verbal fight with everyone playing. Don’t worry about it, there’s no one but you and the birds listening to this joyful arguing that is more of a game than anything serious.

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