Everyday Supplies That Can be Repurposed For Survival

Everyday Supplies That Can be Repurposed For SurvivalGoing out in the wilderness and enjoying the great outdoors is an amazing experience, right? Of course, hiking in fresh air or pumping up testosterone while climbing rocky mountains. But have you ever thought about safety? One can never be prepared for everything that might occur in nature and nature can be rough sometimes.

People going on adventures usually get ready for everything that might come their way, but sometimes they just go on short trips and expect to get back home safe and sound. Bad weather, sudden injuries, or other unwanted situations might change the plan. If something like this happens, it’s hard to stay calm. Some events are life-threatening, so it’s good to know what everyday supplies can be used in the survival mode.


Today’s watches worn on your hand are much more of just time-tellers. They have lots of options including internet possibilities. Meaning, a simple watch on your hand can save your life. Most of the watches made for adventurers have a compass on them so you can be sure you’re not walking in circles in case you get lost.

Even if the watch is of no use for more than just telling time, it can be useful in desperate situations. If you get lost and need help, you can use the watch to signal distant places, like far away villages from top of a mountain, or a helicopter looking for you while you’re in the woods with a broken leg. The sun beams will reflect off the watch’s surface and travel long distances. This way you can signal someone about your position and hope for help.


CondomsIt may sound silly, but some people take condoms intentionally with them while traveling in the great outdoors. A condom is very affordable, takes no space whatsoever and is extremely lightweight. At the same time, it can be used to store lots of water. Imagine you end up in a middle of nowhere without drinking water. You’re lost. You’re looking for a way home, but it seems like it can take a while. You come near a spring of fresh water but you didn’t come prepared and the condom is the only thing you can store water in.

A condom can carry more than a liter of water. Just make sure you tie both ends of it to a sling so the weight of the water doesn’t hit only one end and the condom explode. This way, you can continue your journey and have drinking water for at least a few more hours.

Tennis strings and equipment

People who play tennis often keep their equipment in the trunk of their car. If you’ve gone camping by car and suddenly you need a rope but there’s nothing available to be used, the tennis racquet can be used. The strings of the racquet can be used for many purposes as they are strong and flexible.

Tennis strings are made of many materials, polyester, nylon, natural gut, etc. All these materials are very firm, strong, durable, but at the same time very flexible and can be used for many different needs while you’re in the wild. Take off the strings from the racquet and tie anything you need with them. You can be sure that they won’t show any fatigue no matter what you need them for. They are specially designed to hold heavy impacts, and that’s exactly why they can hold a lot of weight too.


ShoelacesUnless you’re a three-year-old child, chances are big you have shoes with laces on them. When you get yourself unprepared in nature, everything is good for surviving. Shoelaces are not as strong as the tennis strings, but can also be used a tying material. It’s very important to have something you can tie two ends because this is the basis for making a shelter. Get a few strong branches, tie them with the laces and place some leaves over, and you have an improvised shelter.

Pants Belt

Another thing that can be used in nature is your belt. Having a belt in desperate situations can be very helpful. The belt is strong and can hold big weights. Climbing over rocks would be impossible if you have no help from special equipment, but a single belt can make a huge difference on your way to civilization.

The best part is that a belt has a buckle that can be used for tying up. You can collect a lot of branches and tie them up with your belt. Then just put them over your shoulder and get them to camp. You can also use it as a leverage while climbing. If the belt is made of quality materials it will surely hold you and help you get where you want to go.

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