How to Choose the Best Hunting Knives

When you plan on going on a hunting trip there you are going to need the right equipment, whether you are going to hunt a deer or buck, you must be equipped with the right gear. In this article we are going to talk about hunting knives and the most important aspects to think about when choosing the right hunting knife for your trip.

What Makes a “Hunting Knife”?

Hunting knifeWhen you need to cut and skin the wild, hunting knife gets the job done. It’s not used to kill the game; instead it takes on the job of cutting and skinning the meat. For these particular functions, hunting knives have two particular features:

  • A slightly curved blade
  • A single sharpened edge

Though hunting knives are as ancient as human history but these are also as evolved as mankind. This evolution brought variety in the design and material of these exotic tools. It is very critical for a curious hunter like you to get familiar with key factors in choosing a great hunting knife.

Choose the Best – Three Key Factors

The modern world is full of exciting choices and when it comes to hunting knives you get to choose the best as there really is so many great knives out there (here is nice site with reviews and articles about best hunting knives) and they will most often not cost much! However, without enough knowledge you cannot pick the great among good.

For your convenience, I am presenting you three key factors to choose the great hunting knife:

  • Blade design
  • Blade length
  • Blade material

Gil_Hibben_The_LegionnaireDifferent blade designs, lengths and materials serve different purposes in dressing and cutting the game animal. Thus the three most admired hunting knife blade designs are: the drop point, the clip point and the trailing point.

The Drop point blade design is characterized by a dropped down back that curves up at the tip and meets the cutting edge of the blade. This blade design enables your hunting knife to be precise and keep away from digging holes through the hide.

The Clip point blade design appears as if the back of the blade has been “clipped off”. This design gives the hunting knife more balance and strength, thus it can be used to work through tight parts like leg joints. However, this blade design hunting knife is not great when it comes to skinning the animal because it can puncture the hide in a split second.

The Trailing point blade design hunting knife incorporates a long length of the back such that the tip of blade lies above the back. It increases the surface area of cutting edge and you can easily use it to open the stomach of animal without puncturing other organs.

Furthermore, the blade length of hunting knife can also facilitate you to choose the best one. Most of the hunters prefer a short length blade but when it comes to dressing a big animal then obviously 6″ to 8″ length blade hunting knives are preferred.

The last but not the least key factor in deciding upon a great hunting knife is blade material. The hunting knife blade materials are categorized as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Non-stainless steel

The fanatically avid hunters almost always opt for stainless steel hunting knives. The modern technology has also made the stainless steel blades more exotic and efficient, thus named them “super steels”.

Hence, while embarking on any hunting endeavor these three key factors are going to be your best buddies. Make the best confident choice and leave the rest to hunting knives!

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