Hunting Experience – How to Choose the Right Crossbow

crossbowIf you are new to archery, you might not know what to expect from the tool. All crossbow features for a beginner might seem confusing, so making a buying decision can be difficult. To get the most out of the crossbow you will buy, you need to look for the right features. You should by understanding the basics of how to use a crossbow and the features it offers. Following the tips provided below will help you to choose the best crossbow for your needs whether it’s hunting or target shooting.

Choose Your Purpose

First of all, you need to choose the purpose you will be using the crossbow for. Will it be for target practice? Or do you plan to do deer hunting? If it’s just for fun and target practice, features like weight, size and some others, are not as important for you since you will be mostly using it as a stationary crossbow. For hunters, these features become more important.


One of the major considerations of crossbow features it its weight. Heavy weight will keep it more steady and will provide a more accurate shot. The downside to it is if you have to carry it around a lot, it will not be as convenient.

If you are a beginner, don’t think that the lightest crossbow will be the best choice. If it’s too light, it will be difficult to keep it steady. A heavier crossbow will also be sturdier and will be able to withstand extensive use. On the other hand, a crossbow that is too heavy you might find physically restraining. For a beginner it is important to read more about the best crossbow reviews in order to find the best fit for the users purpose.


Another feature more important for hunters than target shooters is the noise. Some crossbows are equipped with parallel limbs that make the shots quieter. Others have cam mechanisms, which make them noisier.


Speed is also an important consideration, especially if you plan to hunt big game. To take it down you will need high speed and strength of the arrow. The velocity depends on the draw weight of the crossbow and the bolts you are using. More draw weight means higher speed.

Draw Weight

Overall the draw weight on crossbows ranges between 75 to 125 pounds. In most states you will find specific regulations for using a certain draw weight for hunting particular game. For hunting bigger game, some crossbows even offer draw weight between 150 to 175 pounds.


With the right scope it will be easier for you to have continuous accurate shots. There are four variations to consider. They include optical, multi-reticle, single red dot and multi red dot.

Cocking Aid

To correctly cock the crossbow or if the draw weight is too high for you to be physically able to cock it, you can use a cocking aid. They are usually available in the form of ropes, cranks or straps. The most commonly used are the rope and the strap cocking device.

Don’t Fall for Cheap Products

Don’t choose a crossbow just by the price. A cheap one may lack quality, so you won’t get good value for the money. The parts can be made of low quality plastic which will not be very durable. So it’s better to invest in a more sturdy crossbow that will not be easy to break off. It can be a good idea to check crossbow reviews. For example on Archer’s Café they constantly review the top products on the market and give good recommendations.

For Beginners

If you are just starting out in the archery sport and have never yet held a crossbow, it might be a good idea to keep it simple at the beginning. Look for a crossbow with a more simplistic design. Choose one that has a basic design and less of the high end crossbow gimmicks.

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