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Hunting is fun and a great way to involve your family or friends in the wild gaming experience. As long as you have the right gun and gear, your outdoor time can be quite amazing. Shooting using a gun will definitely produce sound, and that is why you will need ear protectors such as earmuffs to prevent impact on your hearing. Experienced hunters know the right shooting protection devices, although they come in different types. Young hunters can use light guns such as pellet guns because they have less nasty kick, and huntingproduce low sound ensuring you will not feel your head ringing afterwards.

We understand hunting enthusiasts are familiar with several safety measures while undertaking their activities. Nevertheless, new hunters may lack enough basic knowledge about protecting their hearing when hunting. This article will remind you about shooting earmuffs, and then we shall highlight a few guidelines on hearing protection while hunting. A good way to protect your gear is to have a sturdy tactical backpack.


Choosing Shooting Earmuffs

Noise from gunfire can cause immediate or even permanent hearing damage. Hearing loss may start with ringing in the ears, a condition known as tinnitus. If you have been hunting without ear protection and your hearing is still intact, it does not mean you are already safe next time. Any sound over 85dB is dangerous, and most shots produce average of 150dB. Therefore, wearing ear protection is very necessary no matter how often you go hunting.

Gunshots surpass the normal hearing level that we should be exposed to. The sound is measured in terms of decibels (dB). A person addressing public congregation registers about 60 decibels, while a vehicle engine ranges from 70 to 90 decibels. Gunshots exceed 100 decibels, usually 140 to 150 decibels. Such a loud sound is harmful to the human ear and can cause permanent hearing loss. According to experts, any sound exceeding 100 decibels is harmful and can damage ears.

New hunters usually get basic safety tips which include hearing protection. There are different kinds of hearing protection devices. The quality of each is different from one another, but your choice depends on budget and preference. But we all know that quality of a product is directly proportional to its price. This means the higher the price, the more quality of the item. Below are the three main hearing protection options for hunters.

Options of Hearing Protection

Ear Plugs:

Ear plugs are the least expensive, and they are available in most local shops. Since they are inserted into the ears, a number of people may not prefer using them. They also don’t allow the hunter to hear the magnitude of the noise, and probably you may not know if an animal is close.

Passive Earmuffs:

Passive earmuffs are like headphones, but they are more improved than earplugs. They usually have a protective layer, suitable for a better hunting experience. They mold around the head and cover the ears fully, hence enhancing hearing protection. Passive earmuffs are more comfortable, and block sound completely. While wearing these hearing protectors, you cannot converse with someone else.

Electronic Earmuffs:

Electronic earmuffs are most expensive compared to both earplugs and passive earmuffs. They are highly preferred by many professional hunters because they filter sound and the user can converse with other people. Electronic earmuffs allow a hunter to hear the magnitude of the noise, and can even know when an animal is close. Gunshot sound is dampened such that your hearing is protected, and still, you can communicate with ease. For serious hunters, electronic earmuffs are the best option to include in your hunting kit.

Hearing Protection Tips When Hunting states that for the best ear protection, electronic earmuffs are good for hunters, as they allow the user to communicate and know the amount of noise produced after shooting. You can even hear any form of movement made by an animal, hence prevent missing your hunt. Earplugs and passive earmuffs are only fit to use whenever you are preparing to shoot. This is because they cancel all sounds around you, and probably you may not hear that deer near you.

If you are hunting together with friends, using electronic earmuffs is the best idea. Remember, someone will shoot immediately after spotting an animal and gunfire near you may impact your hearing. If you just have earplugs or passive earmuffs and you are hunting as a group, consider wearing them in advance. However, you can agree to notify each other whenever an animal is spotted. This will enable the next person to insert the earplugs before shooting is done.

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