Portable Water Softener For RV Campers

Portable Water Softener For RV CampersIf you are an RV owner, then you probably do a lot of traveling throughout different states, regions, or maybe even countries while enjoying the main benefits provided by camping and seeing new places. However, one common problem for most of the RV travellers is water. As you change your place of stay so often, you never know what the quality of the water source at the campsite will be. From my own experience, I can say that in most of the campsites I stayed at, the water was hard. We all know that it’s a common problem in many households across the country and many people have a water softener at home as a solution to the problem. But what if you are always on the road? You can also get treatment for hard water with the help of a portable water softener.

What makes the water hard? The presence in it of calcium and magnesium in high amounts. Hard water can be quite destructive for the RV’s plumbing system and water heater, building up scale and rust. It also leaves film in the shower, faucets and sinks, so you will end up doing a lot of scrubbing if you don’t get treatment to soften the water. Hard water can also affect you, making your skin and hair dry.

If you are an avid camper, a great addition to your camping equipment can be a portable water softener. They are usually available in compact sizes, so you can easily fit it in even the tightest place in your RV. Compared to whole house water softeners, they offer less capacity. For most of the softening systems you don’t even need electricity, you just directly connect it to the water supply.

Some of the water softening models also have water filtering capabilities. Read more on water filter mag. So you will have the benefits of not only soft, but also clean water for drinking. For their work you will need salt. Some require special water softener salt, but some you can run just on traditional table salt.

The model we are using is Watts portable water softener. What we like about it is its compact size. It did take up some space, but still in our RV it fit perfectly. Its other benefit is the use of standard salt, so we don’t have huge bags of salt stored specifically for the water softening. But most importantly, what we like most about this water softener, is its effectiveness and the result we get with the water. After installing it, we saw considerable change in the water. After washing dishes, I don’t see anymore any film building up on the dishes or sink. My skin doesn’t feel dry anymore and the soap lathers better and it’s easier to wash it off. You can have more information at soft water lab.

Water is very important for our lives, so it’s also important that the water we consume and use is of good quality. Otherwise, it can do us more harm than good. But when you are spending a lot of time on the road, it might seem difficult. However, with portable water softeners it’s made very easy to have soft healthy water anywhere you are. When you are staying at a campsite, and using the water from the campsite source for showering, washing dishes and other, you will always have softened water.

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