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Spending time in the outdoors is not just a fun pastime, it’s also a great way to see the beautiful nature and tone up in the process. Whether you like camping, hiking, fishing or hunting, all are great ways to get out into the outdoors. It gives you a good chance for connection to the earth. Our outdoor channel blog was created as a guide for people who love to hunt, fish and camp. If you are looking for some tips or reviews of gear for these activities, you will find many useful guides on our pages. Being prepared with essential information, you can enhance your outdoor experience.


One of the best ways to spend time surrounded by nature is camping. While camping, you can also do hiking, fishing, kayaking, backpacking and so much more. If you have never camped before, you might think that it’s too uncomfortable. But it doesn’t have to be so. There’re many campgrounds and campsites in the national parks, where you can experience the outdoor life the more “civilized way”. This way you can start slow and gradually test your comfort zone. After some time you might be ready for real camping in the backcountry. These campgrounds can offer tents, water and different other amenities. If you are camping with kids, some camps might also have group activities and classes to keep entertained.


For camping in the backcountry, further in the wilderness, there are also a lot of equipment that can make your adventure more comfortable, fun and most importantly safe. Among the camping gear, there are the essential items and optional items that you might or might not need according to your preference and comfort needs. We are constantly reviewing new gear, like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and much more.

To make sure that your camping trip goes smoothly with only enjoyable moments, you might want to be prepared with some useful information. First of all, it’s very important for your safety. In the wilderness you should follow certain safety rules, especially in places with wild animals, and you should be prepared to handle emergency situations.

Camping is exceptional experience and also a great chance to bond with your family and friends. Sitting around the campfire and watching the starlit sky at night are unforgettable memories, especially if you share them with special people.


One of the favored hobbies of the outdoor enthusiast is fishing. It can be saltwater, freshwater or ice fishing. For those who practice this sport we have prepared plenty of fishing tips and advice on the techniques and more. So even if you are just starting out in this sport, with us you can learn how to fish with tips on how to tie the knots, and do a proper catch and release.


Just like camping, fishing is a great activity for a person of any age. Anyone can learn to fish. All it takes is just some time and practice. However, before fishing you should check your state fishing regulations, as you might need to purchase first a fishing license.

While finishing is not a dangerous sport, it’s still very important to be prepared with safety precautions for your time on the water. For example, the boat should have one life jacket for each of the passengers. Before setting out into the waters, you should know the area and the depth and current strength. It’s best that you have another person with you in case something goes wrong. Come equipped with proper clothing to protect you from the sun or bad weather. The fishing equipment should also be handled responsibly.

There are many fantastic places in the United States where you can find the perfect locations for fishing. Depending on the area, you can also fish for different species.

Outdoor Gear

For your activities in the outdoors you need to be equipped with appropriate gear. Having all the essentials you will be able to get the most out of your nature experience.

For camping you need certain outdoor gear that will make your stay surrounded by nature both safe and comfortable. There’s equipment that is must have for any camping trip, such as a tent, sleeping bag and other.

For fishing you need a fishing rod as well as other gear required for any fishing practice.

In our category of outdoor gear you can find reviews and tips on how to choose and find the right equipment. From tents, backpacks and many other equipment that you might find useful for your outdoor experience.

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